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Dear Sir,

How Soul is released while at the time of death.what is the nature of Soul then left.



The word SOUL does not exist in Hinduism. In the context of your question, I attribute the meaning 'SUBTLE BODY' to the word SOUL because on death only the subtle body leaves the physical body. It leaves because it has completed experiencing the results of Prarabda Karma. The nature of subtle body does not change because of the death. It remains identical. Before death it had a physical body and after death it does not. That is the only difference.

Subtle Body is like a driver and the physical body is like a car. In an accident if the car is fully damaged, the driver has to look for another car. Similarly, after death the subtle body takes birth and get a new body according to its desire and the results of its Karma.

Thanks for asking this question. If you need more clarification please post a new question.

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Raja Subramaniyan


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