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Morning Sir,
I don't know from where to start but will try to explain in a short way, i belong to higher caste family, and fell in love with a lower caste girl, but when i proposed her i told that i cant marry you, she shouted at me but later fate brought us together she fell in love with me but she took it very serious, we were almost together for 2 years, but when time came my mother came to know this matter and forced me to marry a girl of her wish , she told if u marry your lover you should leave my home and go with her, i was left out with no other option and agreed to marry the girl whom my mother told, in the mean time my lover started to fight with me i told her clearly that i cant marry you , even asked its not possible to marry as society will curse us, u belong to lower caste and you are elder to me , more over we did have physical relationship, after this she went into depression and now i am not in contact with her, but feel guilty whether i spoiled her life, i believe in god a lot so everything happens according to god wish whether i should be blamed or god and  i  should lead happy with my wife since i got married. Please suggest me as i am not responsible for this, i am bit practical so want to take everything as fate. when it came girl or mother i selected mother.

Dear Patel

You took a wrong step and will have to lie with guilt for rest of this life. You have not been honest. You claim her to be your love and yet you played with your love. If both of you loved each other, you should have gone with her. Your mother would have accepted both of you after some time. Even if she would not have accepted both of you, it would have been her fate. You would not have been cursed for soiling her life, the life of your love. Caste, society and age have no place in love. True love is union of two souls, the supreme oneness.

Dr Garain


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