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This is the incident which happened to my friend, she belong to a lower caste and the boy whom she was in love belong to higher caste, first let me tell the things what happened, the guy has proposed her, but the girl rejected later he has forced her a lot , so she accepted since both are good friends from 6 years, there relationship went for 3 years where they were too close enough, she has brought food for him daily from her hostel, use to get him gifts for  his birthday, help him when he needed money and that fellow i think i just used her emotions, has done some mischiefs with her even though she did allow, later when the question of marriage raised, he has told her first  you don't belong to my caste, if i marry you, my mother will die , moreover when i proposed you i told i cant marry you, then why are u forcing me, you know even my brother loves other  caste girl still my mother has not accepted my brothers love, even my love she will not accept, so i want my mother to be alive , and i need to concentrate on my future so better u leave me, hearing this the girl tried to commit  suicide for nearly 4 times, since it was hostel we saved her some now, due to the consumption  of poison and tablet the girls health was totally damaged , y she even cut her hands twice, when admitted in hospital, we informed the boy about her condition, but he never visited hospital to see her, just was keep telling my mother struggled a lot to bring me up without my father, i cant go against her, if i come with this girl, my mother will commit suicide, if this girl commits suicide will my love increase on her, and the thing what he told was, he was chased from his home it seems, just in 10 mins he told his mother is admitted in hospital as she got heart attack and i will reach my native place where my mother is admitted in other 30 mins, but his native is nearly 200kms from his place, but he reached in 30 mins it seems, and his mother took promise that  he should marry the girl whom she has seen, he even told that he told to his entire relatives about the girl whom he loved,but no one helped him, and my friend was in serious condition in hospital by  depression. seeing this we posted on his facebook wall that he cheated a girl and that girl is in serious condition, after that the boy started to  fight with the girl family, telling that he will go to police station , but he is very good so dont want to go to police station, as i got engaged to other girl, need to see that girl future also, but if any problem comes further in my life, the girls family with whom i am getting married will not allow my friend family to be alive. hearing all this my friend health still went worst and now she totally forgot all her memories and now she is in mental hospital. is this the way a boy behaves to her girl, should he not be punished for what he did, he just bothered about his mother and her future wife since both belong to his caste, and he is the only one responsibe to do  rituals to his parents, At last its my friend who lost her life, i need to inform that guy the mistakes he did to her has totally spoiled her life, but i don't know hoe to inform him if i inform him he might kill the girls family, please advice me what should be done. can we tell that only higher caste people have rights to live, if he is so much concered that he belongs to brahmin, is he really a brahmin after taking the food from the low caste girl , had physical relationship with a low caste girl, can he abuse a girl like this?i feel like kicking him but left out with no option. what to do please advice

Dear Shipla

I appreciate your love and concern for your friend.

A lot could have been done if it  was reported to appropriate authorities when she was alive. The case would have been more stronger after her death.

Has any complaint been made anywhere in writing? to college, to Police?

Is there any letter in her own hand writing blaming the boy for cheating her?

In case of yes, you can follow up by complaining to Police and Women's commission.

Besides, I suggest, you write a detailed story about her and publish in the Internet with some photographs of both. Let the world know about him.  That will be a big punishment when his family and friends will see that.  This will also be in memory of her.

Caste-ism has no place in humanity, in law and in Society. Only some narrow minded, illiterate human beings mostly in rural areas practice it. They have problem of their own identity and hence caste gives them identity.

Someone when has seen the world and got educated in true sense, he or she will never hide under caste.

No big human being has ever been known by caste. Only the work and achievement of a person, speaks about himself or herself.

best wishes

Dr Garain  


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