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Hindus/mistake in life


I was in love with a lower caste girl, she use to get me food, company me in travelling, y even satisfied when i needed her shoulders to sleep, even kissed her when she did allow, but later my mother refused badly for sake of caste, the girl took poison in front of me, i left her in the road and went to marry the the girl whom my mother saw, if not my mother would have died, is that correct what i have done.will she forgive me , who's mistake is that.but starting i told her i cant marry you but she loved me, is that  my mistake or her mistake. y did she take up so seriously on me and committed suicide. she also has done a mistake or its only my mistake.

Dear Gokulan

I have pained her, played with her emotion.  She simply loved you.  Its your life and you need to take charge and decide what you want to do with it.  You mother will not be with you for rest of your life, but your love, your wife will do.  Hence you need to make a choice.

You had no option in choosing your parents, but you can and should choose your life partner.

Now repent and pay the price to seek peace for her soul



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