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I need a perfect answer about a Tragedy that happened in India- That is 'Nirbhaya's case' that not only shook India but the whole World. There are lot of such incidents still going on which is really disappointing. I don't understand why such horrible incidents are growing day by day? Is there no end to such incidents.

Why did she suffer like that? Is it because she did some terrible Sin/s in her previous birth/s and met such fate? Did she do anything wrong? If she is innocent then why did she suffer? Who is to be blamed? Please help me understand in detail. Thanks a lot.



You have asked two questions, one about the world and the other about an individual's life.

Answer to the Question 1: On the macro level why bad incidents are happening?

Please understand that horrible incidents are NOT growing day by day. World is designed in such a way good and evil will ALWAYS BALANCE each other. The constant war between Devas and Asuras (as described in our Puranas) points out to the fact that GOOD WILL TRIUMPH for sometime and soon EVIL WILL TAKE OVER. Good and Bad WILL ALTERNATE and neither one will dominate for long.

You are feeling that bad incidents are growing because you do not notice the peaceful days (today for example!). Also media is another reason for such wrong notions. They only highlight the bad things. (We cannot blame them because if they write the headline 'ALL IS WELL TODAY', no one will buy the newspaper)

Good and Bad define each other. It is not possible one to exist without the other. AND they need to be in perfect sync. This is explained by the YIN-YANG principle.

Therefore please DO NOT EXPECT that it is ever possible for the world to be ALL GOOD with NO EVIL. As long as good things are there bad will continue with equal force.

Answer to the Question 2: At the micro level why an individual is suffering?

She suffered because of her past karma in this birth. If she is innocent then it is due to her bad karma in the previous births.

For any suffering NO ONE ELSE can be blamed. All suffering is caused only by the concerned self. Our destiny or fate is decided ONLY BY the respective individual. As you sow, so shall you reap. There is no exception to this basic rule.

The moment one points finger at someone else as the cause for his suffering, he denies himself the chance of removing the suffering from life. People can point fingers at others, at the government, at the political/ judiciary system, at the planetary  position.... the list is endless. Only when each one of us take complete responsibility for ALL OUR SUFFERINGS, there is a chance that we remove suffering COMPLETELY from our life and live JOYFULLY FOREVER.     

Please do not think my ANSWER 1 contradicts my ANSWER 2. The world WILL CONTINUE to alternate between good and bad BUT it is POSSIBLE for an individual to remove SUFFERING COMPLETELY from his life.

Thanks for asking this important question. If you need more clarifications please do not hesitate to ask.

Best wishes,
Raja Subramaniyan

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hi, thank you for the detailed explanation. about the accused? If she did some bad karma then why the accused should punish her? Any past relationships of accused with the victim in previous births and it got balanced by this act in this birth? Here the accused is punishing the victim and he is innocent because she did bad karma and he is making her to suffer. Right? Please clear this confusion.


Laws of Karma are very logical and straight forward. These laws are applicable to all actions by human beings. We have a free will to do or not to do an action. Whatever action we do we are sure to enjoy the fruits of our actions. If we do good actions, we will get favorable situations. If we do bad actions we will face unfavorable situations.

If a man kills an ant, the ant will reborn and kill the man in the next birth. This IS NOT HOW the Law of Karma works. If A hurts B, either B or someone else will hurt A in this lifetime. If this does not happen, A will suffer the consequence of hurting B in the future births BY SOME MEANS. It could be a natural disaster or accident or intentional action by X,Y or Z.

The accused had acted out of his freewill.If he had hurt the victim, it is his choice. And surely he will reap the consequence for his evil action. This may happen in this life time or in future births SOMEHOW.

If someone slaps me and I slap him back, THINGS ARE NOT EVENED OUT. I have no right to slap him back. I got slapped because of my past bad action. If I slap him back, I am doing more bad action and surely I will reap the consequence in the future. It is not for me to punish the person who slapped me. He will be punished by someone or somehow.

Freewill is the foundation on which the Laws of Karma are built. Everyone should follow dharma at all times for his/her own good. If they do adharma, they are inviting misery into their life. Not hurting others through  thoughts/words/deeds is the essential requirement to start the journey towards Joyful Living.

Thanks for this follow up question. If you need more information on Karma please browse through my past answers. If you still need some clarification please post a new question.

Best wishes,
Raja Subramaniyan  


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