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I was in love with  a girl who is elder to me by 2 years, but was not having courage to tell my mother about her, but told her at the beginning dont expect marriage but she took it serious about this relationship which lasted for 2 years, during my marriage with other girl she suddenly started to fight with me, i told her society will not agree this marriage as you are elder to me, u belong to lower caste, and me a brahmin, even if we marry and go away no one will support us and people can easily recognize our caste, and  children's will not have future and i will not be allowed to do rituals for my parents if i marry you , so decided to leave her and marry the girl whom my mother is going to see is that the love and affection i am showing to mother as she dont have anyone to take care of her other than me, the girl can change since she belongs to this generation but mother cant change, i advised  the girl a lot but she is not ready to accept this, what should i do?

Dear Kunal

You have pained her, played with her emotion.  She simply loved you.  Its your life and you need to take charge and decide what you want to do with it.  You mother will not be with you for rest of your life, but your love, your wife will do.  Hence you need to make a choice.

You had no option in choosing your parents, but you can and should choose your life partner.

Your mother can not change. But you can. Its your life.



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