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Hindus/can a yogi indulge in sex


People expect a yogi or a sanyasi or one who is away from his wife and wear saffron cloth , has renounced the world and one who possess spiritual knowledge. Can that yogi indulge in sexual pleasure, if so, is he a cheater.

Thank you.

Dear Vivek,

Yes, a yogi can indulge in sex. He is a cheater only if he gives an impression to others that he is a celibate, with the intention of cheating them.

Understanding that I AM Brahman is the spiritual knowledge. The one who possess this knowledge is a yogi. Yoga means to unite/ join. Once a person joins his individual self with Brahman and see the oneness of ALL is a yogi.

Yogi is also a human beings. He has the right to eat, drink, breathe, enjoy sense pleasures (including sex) like everyone else. He has renounced his attachment to the sense objects and he is not averse to the sense pleasures. He does not depend on the world for his happiness. So he will neither run after sense objects NOR RUN AWAY FROM SENSE OBJECTS. He will not hurt anyone.

It is not necessary for a yogi (OR ANYONE ELSE) to live according to the expectation of others.

Thanks for asking this question. If you still have any doubt, post a private question to me with specific name of the individual that you have in mind.

Best wishes,
Raja Subramaniyan  


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