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Hindus/Role of Jivatma and Mind


Respected Sir,

For performing any activity such as Medittion/ prayer/yoga/ reading scriptures etc
is it the Jivatma that decides  to perform such activity and initiates/ prompts the Mind to execute the activity?
Pl correct my understanding

With respects
T R Vasudevan


Jivatma does not have the capability to decide, perform, initiate or prompt ANY action. Jivatma can be compared to the REFLECTED LIGHT. (The original and only light is Paramatman or Brahman).

Light merely illumine the objects and do not cause any action.

Similarly, the mind and body is involved in some actions (drama) and the role of Jivatma is limited to be the basis or foundation on which this drama happens.

Also please note there is no difference between spiritual activities like meditation/ prayer/ yoga/ reading scriptures ARE IN NO WAY DIFFERENT than any other activities like watching a movie or earning money when you discuss the role of Jivatama.

Thanks for asking this important question and please post a new question if you need more cloarifications.

Best wishes,
Raja Subramaniyan


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