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Hindus/Is a child independent of the parents


A child born to parents. The parents think and believe, the child is there assets. Since they have given birth to the child and therefore try to build him/her according to their plan/wish. How true is the above statement.

Or is the child independent of the parents and the parents are just a medium to bring a life into this world.

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It is very clearly said in vedas that an individual (jeeva) is totally independent. Every individual DETERMINES to which parents he/she will be born. Therefore, it is not the parents who decide what sort of children they will get. It is the child who chooses the parents in the first place.

Secondly, it is impossible for the parents to bring up the children in the way they want. (If this is possible they would have brought up all their children in the same way. If you observe you will see that siblings greatly differ from each other. How can the parents claim responsibility of shaping the character/skill/knowledge/aptitude of their children when it is obvious that each child is so different from the other) Every individual accumulate intelligence, skills, aptitude etc through many many life times before taking birth again in the current lifetime. Therefore they come with a full complement of their personality and parents (or anyone else) have no role to play in this.

Thirdly, the good and bad deeds of the concerned individual (accumulated in the past life times) determine how good/bad his/her future will be. Again others will have no role in this.

Therefore, the answer to your question is NO. It is wrong for parents to think that they own the children. Children merely come through them and not come from them (as Khalil Gibran said).

Thanks for asking this important question. If you need more clarifications please post a new question.

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