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Hindus/the Caste System and Social Activism


Does the caste system have any influence on the practices of Hindus living in countries where it has no social or political presence? For example, does it have any relevance to the lives of Hindus living in the United States, besides having family that may be affected by it living in India?

How would modern Hindus view one rebelling or protesting against the caste system? Would it be met with praise or seen as a failure to fulfill one’s dharma? Could the rebelling itself be seen as one’s dharma?

Dear Meredith

If you could also share the reason for asking the said question, it would have helped me to see it in a context.

Anyway. caste system does not have any impact on the daily life of Hindus living the countries like USA or Europe as such.  However in some conservation Hindu families, they practice some of the traditional rituals like threading ceremony by Brahmins, marriage by their priests, and other worshipping during some festivals blended with cultural activities. caste influence on marriage has disappeared in such countries.

Rebelling against the caste system in India is not seen positively in most communities. Protesting against is faced with consequences.  However not following certain caste related norm in situation like marriage (example interact marriage) is accepted in many parts of the county.

Hope that helps

Dr Garain


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