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Define God

God is the key to Joyful Living. God is introduced as the one who created this world. The first step is to believe in God and the second and final step is to know God by studying the scriptures systematically and consistently under a live teacher for a length of time. When God is known, one gets to know everything that is worth knowing. There will be no more questions in mind.

While solving a mathematical problem, the teacher wrote the first step on the board “Let the unknown number be X”. One student suggested that it should be M because he is used to that. The teacher agreed and replaced the X with M. Now many more students objected and some wanted it to be N, O, P, Q etc. Finally after heated debate it was democratically decided that it should be X. There was a sigh of relief since the debate was settled. Everyone thought the problem was finally solved. The unknown is X!

The unknown is not X. Naming it as X was the first step in solving the problem.

Unfortunately just like the students, after heated debate between Krishna, Shiva, Jesus and Allah, we all settle down to call the unknown as GOD and think the problem is solved. In fact we have multiplied our problems in the name of God!

We need to resolve the expression GOD in order to solve all our problems in life.

Thanks for asking this question. Will be happy to answer more.

Best wishes,
Raja Subramaniyan


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