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I dont kbow how to put the question correctly but i am trying. How does one find peace of mind and enjoy life, when there are no skills of there own and dependent on someone else. Like no job, no friends circle, no loving relationships, kids not behaving well, not settled in life.


But you have yourself. You are the ONLY source of peace and happiness. People are ignorant about this truth and therefore they spend time and effort towards earning power, position, possessions, people and property. They will NOT get peace/security/happiness from these.

This does not mean you should ignore these. In order to understand and realise that you are the only source of peace/security/happiness, you need to work hard.

The first step is to count your blessings. Ignore what you do not have and focus on what you have.

The second step is to explore how you can use what you have to HELP OTHERS. You should help WITHOUT EXPECTING anything in return.

The third and final step is to love the person on whom you are dependent. Show your love in actions WITHOUT EXPECTING anything in return. That person should feel that you are no longer dependent on him/her.

It is important to practice Step 2 and 3 sincerely. You will start finding peace and happiness progressively depending on how sincere you are.

You can write to me again after practicing this for six months. In case you need more clarifications before starting this practice, please do post a question to me. But please mark it private.

Thanks for writing to me.

Best wishes,
Raja Subramaniyan


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