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Hindus/Karma and sufferings


Respected Sir,
Does material enjoyment through the senses contribute to  Karma .
Also does  suffering experienced reduces the accumulated karma?
With respects
T R Vasudevan

Dear TRV,

Yes, any willful action is karma. So enjoying sense pleasures is a karma. But these acts in general do not hurt anyone or help anyone. Therefore, there will not be any future effects. Eating a ice cream is a karma. The sense pleasure we get is the result of the karma. As such there is nothing to carry forward. But if you hurt anyone for the sake of enjoying sense pleasures then it will bring about suffering.

Yes, suffering reduces the accumulated karma. But the point is it is impossible to exhaust the accumulated karma. It has been accumulated over countless births and the only way to eliminate them is to gain the ultimate knowledge.

Thanks for asking this question and if you need any further clarifications pl let me know.

Best wishes,
Raja Subramaniyan


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