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Respected Sir,
A mantra when recited mentally is said to be more effective than verbal recitation
How does the Mind enhance the spiritual power of a Mantra?
At the same time, verbal recitation is said to  contribute to increase in  the vibration level conferring beneficial effects.
Kindly help me to understand this conflict.
With respects,
TR Vasudevan

Dear TRV,

The first point to understand is that there is nothing mystical about 'spiritual power'. The ONLY purpose of any mantra is to make the mind pure. The sanskrit word MANTRA literally mean 'the tool (enthiram) to mend the mind'. Mantra is the most powerful tool to make any ordinary mind into a matured mind.

The second point is Mind DOES NOT enhance the mantra. It is the other way around. Mantra enhances the mind.

The third and final point is mantras might have many effects. ALL such effects are to be considered as side effects or by-products. One should understand that the main objective/ purpose of usage of any mantra is to mend the mind.

Let me now answer your question.

It is difficult to mend the mind for the beginners. So the mantras are to be used in phases. The first phase is Loud Verbal recitation. When one is able to do this comfortably for the prescribed length of time then one should move to the next phase.

The second phase is Soft Verbal recitation. Here, the mantras are to be recited verbally but may not be audible to others.

The final phase is mental recitation of the mantra.

Thanks for asking this important question. Will be glad to answer more.

Best wishes,
Raja Subramaniyan
PS: Did you read the TWO DANCES article given in my previous response?  


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