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actually what is the name of hindhu religion,i heard the hindhu is not a sanskrit word.its came from hindhu or sindhu river the name give by i want to know the original name given to hindhuism when it is created.

Dear Santhosh Reddy,

Hinduism is not a religion created by man. ALL other religions have a starting point and a particular person on whom the religion is founded.

Vedas are the foundation of Hindu religion. Vedas were created as sound waves when the universe is created, much before the appearance of human beings on this planet. Our rishis heard these sound waves and wrote them down in words. This vedas prescribe a set of laws that are applicable to ALL human beings at ALL times. This is known as Sanathana Dharma (eternal laws).

So one can say 'Sanathana Dharma' is the correct name for Hindu religion. However, it should be noted since it is not created by man, there is no original name. So it does not matter how we call it.

I appreciate your interest and inquisitiveness. I request you to keep questioning until you have clarity on this great religion.

Hindu religion is a very unique one and it is NOT yet another religion. I have given below seven points for you ponder upon.

Thanks for asking this question and will be glad to answer more.

Best wishes,
Raja Subramaniyan

Uniqueness of Hindu religion - Points to ponder!

1. According to Hindu Religion ALL human beings are born as Hindus. (Our religion came into existence even before the appearance of human beings on earth)
2. Hinduism ACCEPTS all other religions are TRUE.
3. Even if someone gets converted to another religion they continue to be hindus. (Sanathana Dharma is true for all human beings for all times)
4. Therefore, no one can get converted to Hinduism, since whether one acknowledges or not they are governed by the same Eternal Laws in the same way.
5. If you do not follow the religious prescription of any other religion, then you will not be considered to be belonging to that religion. However, in Hinduism there is no such restrictions. You do not have to follow any ritual or prescription in order to remain as Hindu.
6. Even the Eternal Laws are optional. The laws merely states IN ORDER TO LIVE JOYFULLY follow these laws. If you do not follow, you cannot avoid suffering.
7. Vedas are like a user manual that comes with any electronic gadget. In order to get the full benefit of the gadget it is advisable to follow the user manual. Similarly, Vedas are created as a part of the universe, giving guidelines on how to live life joyfully. It is optional.  


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