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Dear Sir,

What is the purpose of ego in human being. And then the goal is to, become egoless or become enlightened.

What affect would it cause, if human being are born without ego?

Thank you.

It is the glory of Brahman that human beings have ego. If ego is not present, human beings will live like animals. They will not earn money, build aeroplanes... in short we would have remained in stone age. The modern civilization owes its existence to the ego.

So the purpose of ego is to make the world a better place to live. All the comforts and companionship present in the world make this a wonderful place to live.

Enlightenment does not mean one should become egoless. For example, I AM an enlightened person. This statement clearly shows that I have a strong ego. The goal of a human being is not to become egoless. The ONLY goal of ALL human beings is to live joyfully without ever suffering.

In order to reach this only goal, it is essential that one understands "who am I?". In other words one should have complete clarity on the meaning of the word EGO. The one who has this clarity is an enlightened person.

As you can see, to get enlightenment is merely an option. Only when people understand that to live joyfully is the only goal of life, they will explore the option of getting enlightenment. Enlightenment involves working on one's own mind with the help of a guru and understand what the ego is. But in general people prefer to work on the external world and try to change it in such a way that they can live joyfully. That day will never come. Only when they give more importance to working on the mind than working in the world, they will get liberation (from the sufferings of life).

Thanks for asking this important question. If you have more questions please post them as a new question.

Best wishes,
Raja Subramaniyan  


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