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nil wrote at 2008-04-10 22:48:39
Hi There is some mention about fallen/displaced Rajputs of rajasthan, that have been demoted to lower castes in other states. There is one such caste in gujarat, the Mahyavanshi caste, which is officially a scheduled caste. Based on hearsay only, it seems they are rajputs who were driven out of their place of origin, and forced to live in poverty and starvation. They consumed meat of the dead cow and were thus outcaste'd. This apparently happened during Aurangzeb's rule and the mass conversions to Islam that he perpertrated.

Aupmanyav wrote at 2008-04-13 07:03:21
I have heard about that. There are Mahiya Rajputs in Punjab also. I do not know the exact reason for their sin (whatever it was), or whether they ruled at some place for a short period of time, and their memory was sullied by those who replaced them.

Aupmanyav wrote at 2008-05-03 18:41:56
Please visit

which may have something of interest for you. It seems possible that Mahiya may be related to River Mahi as mentioned in the book. But then how come you find Mahiyas in Punjab. Wikipedia page on Charans lists Mahiya as one of the charan castes in Rajasthan. Regards.

PDV wrote at 2009-10-13 03:11:58
Makanji Kuber Makwana, considered the spearhead of the Mayawat Rajput movement, examined this question in his 1911 book 'Mahyavanshi Atle Shu?' (Who is a Mahyavanshi?).

According to the 'Prithviraj Raso', there  were originally five shakhas of Kshatriyas: Parmar, Rathod, Jadhav, Chauhan and Solanki. 99 shakhas developed of which the Mahyavanshi is the 20th. Mahyavanshis claim to trace their lineage to ancient Mayawat Rajput rulers of Eastern Bengal and established their capital called 'Mayavatpuri' as explained in the book 'Kshatriyoni Prachin Vansavali'(Ancient genealogy of the Kshatriyas).

Dr. Kanyaiyalal Munshi, in a 1931 lecture stressed that the Mahyavanshi were the descendents of the 'Hattiavanshi' king Arjuna. It was because of the slaughter of Parsuram that they were relegated to a lower caste.

Many Mahyavanshi customs are Rajput in origin:

1. They worship Mata or Devi and always have a 'Kuldevi'.

2. They used to sacrifice a goat in times of calamity (This has now been replaced by offering food).

3. Sacrificing a lamb during marriage (This has now been replaced by making a tiny cut in the lambs ear, sprinkling the blood and then setting it free).

4. Under the head of the dead body, the Mahyavanshi keep a knife.

5. When a married person dies his wife wears her best clothes and performs arti of her dead husband (This might not be prevalent anymore in urban Mahyavanshis)

6. They have common Rajput surnames such as  Gohel, Chauhan, Makwana, Rathod, Solanki, Rana, Parmar etc.

7. Temperamentally the Mahyawanshis tend to be hot tempered.

According to my father (who grew up in the community) the caste relegation has happened fairly recently in about the 10-11th centuries. Mahyavanshi men may have chosen to flee rather than fight in a battle and subsequently stigmatized. This combined with the rise of the brahmin-baniya axis in Gujarat led to the suppression of Rajputs in general.

Surat used to be a prosperous trading city. Morever, it was ruled by Muslims and then British and used to have considerable number of Parsi traders. All these communities did not have any problem mingling with the Mahyavanshis. The Mahyavanshis found cities like Surat, Bomabay, Karachi more conducive to educate their children and find other occupations.

jignesh wrote at 2009-12-26 17:48:23
hi,  myself jgp ,i am also mayavanshi  i am in sc but my kuldevi in kuldevi of rajput samaj %26my marriage style rajput marriage styal in which boy can not take saptpadi fera but only girl take one small talvar(kandu)%26 take fera .

PRANAYRAJ RANVEER wrote at 2011-05-25 13:19:55
hi peple u cast 4 mayavanshi only 4 mahaveer meghmayadev brith of pleas india-gujrat-ahmdabad-dholka taluka-ranoda villag    mayadev has balidani man only 4 tathagat mayadev ranoda-mayadev dada no khub j charchaspad itihas 6 mayavanshi kyarey pan rajput nahota ane e kaheravvu e ek pap 6e j potani samaj ne biji samaj sathe jodi ne samaj sathe gadhhari kari rahya 6 itihash janva mate k biji anya mahiti mate email id par lakho aapni

Hitesh Makwana wrote at 2011-12-31 05:54:14
What is the real history of Mahyavanshi that I want to know. I have no want to go to a higher caste be it Rajput Brahmin or anything. I want to know my real roots. It is a paap/sin if persons try to link the samaj/caste to some upper caste just to gain respect or profit or acceptability as such. But I do believe to my great forefather like Makanji Makwana who has established that we are Rajput clan. I accept this and try to do well in respect to well being of my caste.

TIGER wrote at 2012-03-06 10:56:34
I fully agree with Hitesh, we are Khatriyas and please dont talk nonsense, what paap...& what bullshit...,even I have heard of mahya the great but does that change are origin. Basically some people love to remain SC for taking the facilities given by government, people who dont want to take efforts in working hard & achieving a goal. But have you ever realized what does it take in return, your self respect is at stake. You need to fight for upliftment....need to achieve the lost pride & honour. The colour of blood may be red for all human beings but its his 'KARMA' that makes him what he is.....The day you stand up & fight the odds out you are there amongst "Mahyavanshi Pride" like few of them put up on the Mahyavanshi website... that is 'Kshatriya Dharma'....  

Naresh Mehta wrote at 2012-06-22 14:11:26
I very much agree with Mr. Tiger we lost our identity, we must think about it. If we are Rajput then we have to behave like Rajput only cast certificate will not give anything to us. Since I come to know that we are Rajput I disturbed very much because lost our identity and we living under wrong identity,  from childhood I was interested to know why we using surname which is directly relate Rajput.  

Amita Mahek wrote at 2012-06-24 07:28:34
I do agree with Tiger and Hitesh Makwana.....

Mahyavanshi community exist since 3500 B.C. we lost our identity due to few factors. We got our lost identity on 25th October 1939 by efforts of our great leader Dr.P.G.Solanki. It is in the year 1950, Due to efforts of Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar Our caste was considered to be included in the Schedule as per constitution of India because we were economically and socially weak. That is how we are considered for reservations and benefits of Government. There is nothing to do with history with reservation policy of Government. Every person, community, organization or country have his or her history. We Mahyavanshis also have history and as per history we were and are originally Kshatriya. It is not that I am saying because I like it and I want to be identified as superior than others, but it is said in HISTORY. Recently there is a book on History of Mahyavanshis viz."Kshatrateji Mahyavanshio" written by eminent social workers Mr.Dhiru Par and Capt.A.D.Manek. The book is narrating a history of Mahyavanshis for 5561 years of existence.The book is released by Shri Narendra Modi,Hon.Chief Minister, Gujarat State.  Both the authors have really worked hard for 18 years to find roots of Mahyavanshis. They consulted Government records and Gazzetes, Historical notes by Portugese, European authors, they even consulted Previous writings of Mahyavanshi historians. In all they consulted and studied 252 documents, magazines, books and reports and wrote a book "Kshatrateji Mahyavanshio". It is worth reading to know your real identity. "Kshatrateji Mahyavanshio" book available at a price of Rs.300/- from authors;You may contact Mr.Dhiru Par : 098924 12373 or Capt.A.D.Manek : 098208 91262 and obtain a copy of book.

Also both authors had designed and released a website on 9-9-2009 which you can visit to learn more about history and origin of Mahyavanshi community. We must appreciate the work of both authors and congratulate them for giving us path to know our origin.

aupmanyav wrote at 2012-07-01 03:01:21
Dear Amita,

Not that it would make any difference, but 'Kshatrateji Mahyavanshio' relates you to Parthian dynasty in North-West India ( who used the word 'kshatrap' (governer). Later perhaps, these people accepted hinduism. :)

With best regards,


Nisarg Rajvant wrote at 2012-08-24 07:07:18
I appreciate the wonderful views expressed by all concerned above.

I am not an exceptional to this humiliating factor of lower-upper caste system created by man-kind only in India. Before I ask a simple question, I like to quote an example as under:

Take two tree plants. Keep one plant in an open area where light, water & soil/food/fertiliser is available. Keep another in the dark room where no light is available (perhaps soil/food/fertiliser may be available). Take-out both plants in one place after a month. You will see the difference of growth in both plants! The plant kept in sun-light is shining & another one kept in the dark room is totally ‘dull’.

I too suffered a lot from so call 'castism' but decided that my gen-next should not suffer any more. We have been celebrating / performing all the functions (may it be marriage, srimanto-nayan, death/after-death rituals, Devi Pooja etc) in Rajput style. Even I belong to a village of Gujarat where only Rajputs & SC/ST communities live. Because of my own self-drawn ambitions, I came-out from the orthodox beliefs & the result is - our family has created own identity in study, business in Baroda, I am very well settled in Mumbai, staying in Karnataka earning due credit! Our generation has gone abroad (Australia/Canada) for study, employment & we can say proudly that we have not taken any single penny from Govt. as an aid or scholarship. On the contrary we donate the Govt. in one or other manner. Because of our hard-work, sincere efforts we can now contribute to this nation. In our family, Well educated Rajput g’man is giving a girl for marriage with my son! We undoubtedly proved that we are not less than Rajputs or I can say than we are doing better than any other upper community is also a fact.

My question is: If you believe in 'Karma' & doing best as an obedient civilian of the nation then, why other so called 'developed communities' do not allow / accept them in the main stream? Why so poor mentality is still persisting in the modern era?  

I knew off-late about glorious-mighty lost empire “Vijayanagar” of Karnataka that was famous in South-East India some 700 yrs ago (in 14-15th Century). One of the most powerful dynasties was king 'Krishnadevaraya' who was a son of Prostitute! 2ndly if you dig-out the history of the Maharajas of famous Baroda State that Marathi 'Shepherd' orphan son ruled over Baroda State & hence surname of all the rulers became 'Gaikwad'. So one should not carry orthodox thoughts that, if you upgrade your caste or start believing that lower caste fellow cannot consider himself/herself as Rajput. It shows backward state of mind.

aupmanyav wrote at 2012-09-01 06:59:58
"My question is: If you believe in 'Karma' & doing best as an obedient civilian of the nation then, why other so called 'developed communities' do not allow / accept them in the main stream? Why so poor mentality is still persisting in the modern era?" - Nisarg Rajvant

As in your case, nobody is being stopped. People should abandon caste-based inferiority complex and progress in life.  

jignesh parmar wrote at 2012-10-24 13:57:44
hi    ny self   jignesh parnar.   i   tell  all mahyavanshi  people   we  r all   kshatriya   we  r  angnikul   rajput   hai hai  vanshi  rajput  ...more  informTion log  on

with regards

jignesh  parmar

Jatin Parmar wrote at 2013-03-26 19:50:03
Hey Mahyavanshis! We r proud to be a Mahyavanshi becoz we r directly responsible for 4 Avtar of god-

1. Varaha avtar to kill Hiranyaksha

2. Narsimha to kill Hiranyakashyap

3. Vamana for punishing King Bali  and

4. Parshuram for teaching our community a lesson for our sins.

Jai Shri Krishna!

Proud to be predessor of Bhakt Pralhad. Proud to be  a Mahyavanshi!

Jai Narsimha Bhagwan!

Jai Parshuram Bhagwan!

Har Har Mahadev!

dholu wrote at 2013-04-08 13:47:27
I am a mahyavanshi nri from south africa & I was told long ago by my grandfather not to trust high caste hindu people because we mahyavanshi are considered untouchable.  My family also are known as dhed or Dheda caste but also use mahyavanshi and Rathod as surname.  

In South Africa we are all equal so we do not have any problem with other caste, although most of other Indian ppeople are from South India and I got told by family to say Mahyavanshi if any other person ask what caste we are.  

RAHUL RANA wrote at 2013-06-06 08:49:08



Nis...Raj wrote at 2013-08-16 14:34:53
Hi dear all readers,

I am writing on this 'AllExperts' column almost after 1 yr. (my last block date is dtd.24.8.12). I can say to Mr. that u need not worry but proudly you should mention that 'yes' you are 'Mahyavanshi Rajput'.

Just to brief to my brothers & sisters, friends / well-wishers that as scheduled I celebrated ring ceremony of my son (who came from Canada in May,13) with Rajasthani Rajput girl. My younger son is admitted in Engineering discipline w/o seeking any Govt. help/certificate but got admission on merit etc. Some 30 yrs ago we were facing backward label, too much poverty, deprived of education etc. Today, we whole family is far better placed than any other caste fellow because of our braveness, bold decision to throw away 'caste certificate'. Moreover, we have expanded wings up to Australia, USA & Canada.

Therefore, my humble suggestion to Mr. dholu to live bindaas in any corner of the world and say proudly that 'we are Hindu Mahyavanshi Rajputs'.

Best regards,

Nish Raj......

jigs mahyavanshi wrote at 2013-09-24 11:14:57
.રાજા સહાત્રાર્હુન અને ભ્ર્મૃશી જમ્દ્ગની વચ્ચે થયેલા કૌટુંબીક કલેશ માં રાજા સહસ્ત્રાર્જુન નું મૃત્ય થયું હતું તેના લીધી રાજા સહસ્ત્રાર્જુન ના દીકરા એ રિશી જમ્દ્ગની ને મારી નાખ્યાં હતા તેનો બદલો લેવા રિશી ના દીકરા પરસુરામ એ બધાજ હૈ હૈ વંશી રાજપૂત ને વિનાસ કરવાનું પ્રણ લીધું પુરાણો અને ગ્રંથો માં ઉલેખ છે કે પર્સુરામ ના વિનાસ થી બચવા હૈ હૈ વંશી રાજપૂત સંતાઈ ગયા હતા અને એક બ્રહ્માન ને મારવા બદલ બ્ર્હ્મનોએ તેમનો બહિસાકાર કર્યું અને જે હૈ હૈ વંશી રજપૂતો બચી ગયા એ માહ્યાવંશી ઓ તરીકે ઓરખાવા લાગ્યા

જય માહ્યાવંશી ક્ષત્રિય

રેફ્ફ ક્ષત્રેજી માહ્યાવંશી ઓ બૂક  

Raj wrote at 2013-10-26 13:50:11
Dear Sh. Aupmanyav ji,

Thank you very much for your generous & polite answer to my private question raised before u on 21/10/13 reg. our settlement/re-habilitation & whereabout of our ancestors. Hats off to you for giving your back-ground  & also article written on Bhoj Raja.

I also have referred to WIKIPEDIA (The free Encyclopedia) wherein reference has been made of 'Chokhrana' a Parmar Rajput Prince originally heiling from Ujjain in Malwa/Madhya Pradesh. This Prince/king, in the early part of the fourteenth century was ruling over the principality of Rajpipla, with his capital at Juna Raj or Old Rajpipla high up in the western Satpuras and deep inside the forests. U may also go thru' the article / history written in the 'Encyclopedia'.

To some extent, our generation’s roots are matching with the customs, behaviour, rituals, ceremonies being performed for good or sad rituals etc. of the Rajputs of Rajpipla Princely State. Our clan blood is also hot, nature is short temper etc. are the minus points of our generation next.


DGohil wrote at 2015-11-19 21:06:13
Simply follow Dr. Baba saheb ambedkar.. who work hard for all untouchable peoples... and who fights again all upper caste... we sud never forget his effort and  and hard work... baba saheb hindu dharm na agains hata... matra ne matra reason a hatu k hindu dharm ma chal kapat sivay kassu j nathi... varn vyavstha banavi ne 3% brhaman akha bharat par hukumat kare che.... hajaro devi devta banavi ne samaj ma andh ahrdhha felavi ne sc st obc loko ne mansik gulam banavya che... chhata pan loko a gulami mthi nikdva mangta nathi... ane aj dharm ne aj devi devta ne puji ne ane andhru anukaran kari ne potane ane aavnar pedhi  me gulami mansikta ma jivta sikhvadi rahi che.... satya hakikat to a che k.. aa castism ek gulami che.... ane sc st obc aa gulami mathi bahar nikdta nathi.."शिक्षित बनो, संघर्ष करो, संगठित बनो" bas aaj karvani jarur che... varna vyavstha matra ne matra bharat ma hati ane enoj faydo bija desh ni praja a lidho che... mughlo, shak, sithiyan, frencho, dacho, britisho... simple ek vichar karva jevi babat che... america maha satta che... developed loko che... apni compare ma... tya koi devi devta nathi bill gates koi divas agar batti nathi karta to pan adhrak kamai che.... jyare apne tya mata ji na hajar phota rakhiye to pan krupa drasti nathi...  kem? Karan apne mehnat ochhi ne khoti apeksa vadhare rakhiye che... so constitution ma malya che a labho ne follow karo... ek bano system ma entre thav politics join karo ane badha sc st obc wala loko mate kaik karo.... je manase akhi zindgi  sc st obc na sara jivan mate enu koi ne mahtva nathi.... mahyavanshi hovano garv tyare lai sakisu jyare apno mahyavanshi pote swatantra thase juna vicharo thi... khoti manyata thi...  

mukesh wrote at 2016-01-18 19:38:20
I am an english copywriter.  I have read the history of mahyavanshi rajput in central library at fort, mumbai 45 years back.  As of today,that particular book I had read is not to be seen.  It was written that MHAYA was the son of King Dharma, who used to go for hunting daily.  Once, he happened to meet a girl named mayuri in the jungle (whose caste was dhed).  Mahya got in love with that girl and in due course she became pregnant. The pradhans of the king dharma once had a getogather alcohol party and made the horse rider of mahya to drink.  Once, the horse rider got a hangover, the pradhans asked him to tell them a story which they have never heard.  In the hangover, the horse rider tells the love story of mahya and mayuri.  Pradhans tells mahya father dharma king the affair of his son.  Dharma king calls mahay in front of the rajdarbar and ask him whether what he heard was true ?  Mahya keeps quiet.  Dharma king says......"so what I heard is true"  YOU GET THE PUNISHMENT to go away from this kings palace 65 kms away as punishment and never to come back at this rajmahal.  Mahya accepts the punishment and go back to his lover mayuri.  He gives a birth of son and proudly says that from today onwards MY GENERATION WILL BE KNOWN AS MAHAYAVANSH.  Hence, Mahyavanshi community were original rajputs.  Just because mahya married a girl from a dedh caste who were expert in bow and arrow killing animals does not mean that mahyavanshi caste is a lower caste.  When a survey was undertaken by GOI for analysing the caste to be included under SC / ST/ OBC, due to poor economic condition of mahyavanshi caste, Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar forced the office bearers to get the mahyavanshi caste included in SC Category thought he knew that they were RAJPUTS IN ORIGIN.  Hence, for some years it was included in SC status by GOI.  As of today, the status has been delisted by GOI from all the state goverments reserved category.  Hence, they have to apply under General Category for jobs......from mukesh......regards

Naresh wrote at 2016-06-28 09:02:07
Pls. Joine whatsup group for same kind of discussion, Name Mahyavanshi Vicharak on 09892270613

Naresh wrote at 2016-06-28 09:02:18
Pls. Joine whatsup group for same kind of discussion, Name Mahyavanshi Vicharak on 09892270613


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