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I have hired a temporary employee/contractor in my company. She had a work permit and she graduated from a college here in the U.S., but then had a baby and let her work permit lapse. She currently wants to acquire a temporary Visa, and at this time, is saving up for the cost.

She possesses a picture I.D. (valid driver's license) and a Social Security number. I have two questions:

1) Can she go and be fingerprinted and have a federal background check? I'm assuming so if she has a driver's license and SS#

2) Have I done all that I need to do as an employer in hiring her by requesting a license and SS#?

Thank you in advance!


From the information you have provided, here is my opinion:

Yes, she can get fingerprinted and have a federal background check.  As an employer it is your duty to make sure that all employees that are employed by you have the necessary documents in place to work in the U.S. Hope this helps and good luck!

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