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Allen Shirley wrote at 2013-06-14 17:22:29
As a personal collector of WWII items, several years ago I was able to purchase a group of 6 ship's newspapers printed by the crew of the U.S.S. Missouri. These newspapers (called "The Missourian")are approximately 6"x8" in size and were published on the ship with photos of crew activities, comics, and pictures of the personnel on board the Missouri. The dates on the ship's newspapers are all from 1945 with the following dates included: Jan. 6th, Jan, 20, Mar. 3, Apr. 7, May 26, Oct. 27. the last newspaper is significant for two reasons.  First is a photo and story of then Senator Harry Truman's photo and story at her commissioning ceremonies as well as the story about Truman's nephew who was a seaman on board the ship.  Finally, the most significant item is a two page center spread showing all of the pictures taken by the crew of the surrender ceremonies!  I am certain that these ship's newspapers are quite rare as I did not know that they even existed.  Have you ever heard or seen anything like these?

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