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As a WWII reenactor, i was wondering, I have read U.S.C. 704, governing ones right to wear a military uniform, and that when done so for theatrical purposes by an actor it is allowed unless it makes the branch of service look bad, and could see this working for Civil War reenactors whose events are for public viewing, but our WWII events are all closed tacticals, where no one but ourselves are present. Where could I find info governing our right as a club to exist, what regulations must be followed to exist as a club. Is a club obligated by law to hold a certain number of public events a year?  Thank you, Jim


  Thing is, with 18 USC 704, as I recall, there also has to be an 'intent' to deceive.   It would be different if you guys were running around claiming to be WWII vets, earned awards, etc.   As far as the law goes, I don't think you are going to have an issue, 'Stolen valor', or otherwise.   

 Regarding your organization, something you might want to consider is making it a 'not for profit' group.   I'm not sure how you do that, but several organizations I've belonged to and worked with have done that and it seems to have worked out well for them.    But,  if you go that route, I think there is something in the fedlaw that says you have to do so much 'for' the public, be it education, open events, etc.   Otherwise, if you are not, (a not for profit etc) there is nothing that I'm aware of that says you have to be 'open' to the public at all.

 Wish I could be more help but this one is sort of outside my area of knowledge, sorry.

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