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How competitive is the role of the drummer boy in reenactments?

If you need something more feel free to let me know.  The best example is the guy with the cannon he gets to come and go, park and do anything he please.  Gary.

Lee was purported to have said “…without music, there would have been no army…”.  I assume you are a reenactor?  Then you know you have main stream and campaigners.  Main Stream reenactors bring their tents, furniture and families the campaigners their rubber blanket and blanket.  To be a drummer with either all you need is a drum, however the campaigners are going to insist the drum is accurate so you are talking much more money $600+; while the main stream around $250.  If you have done that you have a job, if you know how to play you’ll be more popular.  If there happens to be other musicians you might get second chair but fifers and drummers are almost always assured a position in fact in 27 years I have never seen one booted.  Gary.

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If it has to do with reenacting and is connected with the War of Secession, I can help. I am familiar with uniforms, food, tactics, “Authentic” you name it.


I began reenacting before most of you were born (22 years) and became interested in the War in the 4th grade. Virginia used to teach a whole year on the War, I lived through the bicentennial and I am reincarnated. :-)

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Assisted editor Southorn Reenactor, consultant with several books and magazines. Even though I have a B/A I continue taking any class on the war that I can find.

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