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the impact of the bhakti movement with regard to promoting regional languages and devotional literature

Wow, that's not one I was expecting.  I will admit that Indian religions are definitely not my area of expertise.  I will say that from what I understand of it, that the people who propagated the Bhakti movement used a lot of poetry and prose to do so.  I equivocate them to certain sects of protestant Christians today; who believe that a personal relationship with God is better than a ritualized one, like those put forth by the Catholic and Orthodox churches.  I think the spread of religious literature, right or wrong, is always a major spearhead in the advancement of literature.  The Bible is the most printed and popular book in the entire world.  The invention of the printing press is synonymous with the change of the church in Europe (Reformation period).  I can only imagine that an increase in the publication of religious materials in any country will increase literacy and bind areas together by language, culture, and belief.  Again, I don't think that helps at all, but one can't know everything.  And I really think that religion is a category all its own!  

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I am currently a reenactor of the American Civil War. I have been involved with other reenactments from many periods including Roman, the Middle Ages/Renaissance, and World War II. I am quite well versed in all aspects of military history from the Ancient Period all the way up to World War II, especially regarding Military Engineering up to the period of the American Civil War. I was a history teacher at the high school and junior high school level.


I have a degree in History. I have studied and traveled extensively both within the United States and overseas. I currently do presentations for local schools and teacher certification programs. As a reenactor I am Chief of Staff for the 1st Confederate Brigade in Illinois. I have been reenacting for almost two decades.

Confederate Corps of Engineers, unit commander First Confederate Brigade of Illinois, chief engineer, chief of staff MHEA, Military History Education Association

Reenactor Magazine, Various articles

Bachelors degree in History and Education from Elmhurst College in Illinois.

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