History of Science and Technology/i want to ask a quetion.


who was the first to introduce internet?

Hi lu shang--when I was a teenager attending university at Berkeley I spent a lot of time on the ARPANET--which was the first Internet.  You can read about it here:


That brings back lots of memories!  :)

I hope that answers your question.

All the best--Carolyn

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I can probably answer most general questions about the history of science, technology and engineering from ancient to current; if I don't know a specific answer I can probably refer a questioner to an appropriate source. I have done original research in the history of computing and in British science and engineering in the 17th, 18th and early 19th centuries.


I am a PhD student at the University of York, writing about the carrying trade in the 18th century; my previous work at the university includes the early history of plate railways. I have taught courses in the history of science and engineering at York and other universities, and have presented several papers on various subjects in this field at academic conferences. I am also a practicing civil engineer.

BA--Berkeley, MSc--Berkeley, MA--York, currently working on a PhD at York.

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