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Dear Carolyn,

I have found a death record for 1870 which lists the cause of death as "chronic leystitis." By searching online, I can find six references to people dying of this cause, but in all the online lists of archaic medical terminology, I cannot find any definition for "leystitis." Do you know what it is, or how I might look it up?

Hi Stephen--Medicine is outside my area of expertise, and I've never heard of 'leystitis', but I did have a search for the term, first in Google Scholar and then in medical journals and databases available online through my university, with no result.  I suspect, as you may have already seen when you tried searching, that this is a misreading of the word 'cystitis', which would have been handwritten on the original documents; it's easy to see that a 'c' may have looked like an 'le' to a careless typist.  I hope this helps--Carolyn

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