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Do scouts account for the # of shots along with save % because I currently have an 85% at 500+ shots. This is in about 12 games. I feel like I'm ready to be scouted and want to know if I should try or wait till next season I feel like these are bad stats but want to get myself out there. I don't know if this helps but I'm 150 lbs and 6'2" I feel like I could hang with some better talent. Also how should I go about showing the scouts my talents. Should I put a video together or just fill out the forms.

Hi Evan,
This is a question I get frequently so please look through some of my other answers. In short, a video should contain practice and game footage, but it should not be a "greatest hits". A scout is going to look at your physique, but also how you perform- what situations you were under-how good are you compared to your team, meaning if your team is top notch, you might not actually be what coaches are looking for. An example, when I played at UNH, the Yale goalie was unbelievable. She broke all kinds of records, was always a player of the week, etc, but her team was terrible! Coaches look at her and want her on their team.
Also, I don't know how old you are or what grade therefore I cannot provide any more info for you that would be accurate.  


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