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Hi , I played Bantam A3 this year and Im going into Midget next year and I think i can make Midget AA is there a posbility I can play college. Do i have to play junior a or can i play  junior b and still make college hockey


Thanks for writing.  First you need to be honest with yourself about a couple of things.  

1.)How good are you as a AAA players?  Not knowing your skill level, I would say that if you are a AAA player, you didn't get to this level by slacking off...yes?

2.)When we talk about College are we talking about a College that will provide you with a scholarship?  Because there are a "LOT" of schools out there that will let you play and not pay for anything!  Trust me, I know this one.

3.)Most ACHA schools(no scholarships provided)Scouts go to AAA tournaments to look for kids to come to their school.  But the odds of you getting a scholarship isn't very good.

4.)NCAA schools (Scholarships provided) Scouts go to Major Junior tournaments. However, having said this, a know a couple of NCAA coaches tell me that they will NOT even look at a kid that hasn't played Midget AAA.

So, on that note.  How good of a AAA player are you?  Size does not matter.  Look at Patrick Kane.  What is he...5'7"?  On Skates!

A buddy of mine owns a Junior team and they only scout AAA players.  Then the ACHA schools come out to watch these kids.  In fact, my friend hopes that ACHA school select kids from his team so this way they can promote to future kids that they get their players to the college level.  But again, these are non-scholarship schools.

If you are a AAA player, I recommend that you try out Major Junior team. Like the USHL.  Why?  Because both NCAA schools and the NHL look at kids at this level.  In order for you to get to this have to stand out from all of the rest!

Remember this..."Professionals are where they are in life because they were willing to do things other didn't want to do!" ~ Rob Lopez

So, if you think you can make a Midget AA team or a Junior B team...than you will!  If you think you can make a Major Junior team...than you will!  Once kids get to the NCAA or NHL, if they are not mentally prepared for this level, you will not be successful.

I hope this helped.
Rob Lopez - Commissioner
University Ice Hockey League - Mexico
Scottsdale, AZ  


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