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    My name is Cody, I am a goaltender. I was born and raised in a small Northern BC town in Canada. I did not get any experience in other than Bantaam and Midget house, and old timers hockey. I am currently 21 and am interested in elevating my game to a level where I could possibly have a shot at the NHL. I am not academically eligible for things such as the NCAA hockey program. How could I go about getting some pro or semi pro exposure?

ANSWER: Sorry Cody
I answered this last week, but I guess I didn't complete it. I suggest you get in touch with area jr. coaches now since most players have been recruited and are training for fall tryouts. Put together a video of your practices/games (games don't necessarily have to be games you've won). Coaches want to see your skill and technique. Talk about who you are and how you've progressed and what you do for training. Also might want to look in to using social media to get you exposed. You are going to have stiff competition so you will need to do everything you can.


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    Thank you for the response. Newer information... What kind of aspects should I be looking at more to tryout for the UBC Thunderbird's CIS team? What level of play should I be at to have a chance to making that team? This year I am going to tryout for my local senior AA team (Central Interior Hockey League) this year with high hopes, and if I do get some playing time on this team how much would this level differ from CIS hockey? Thank you for your time.

Cody, I am not familiar with the 2 organizations. I think that since you haven't had a lot of organized play, you may need to focus on making any team right now and become the starter. Spending this coming season playing for a team and build on getting recognition and then make a decision for the following season.  


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