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Hi, My son is going into 2nd year bantam. We just moved into another city and transferred to another team. We are on a waiting list and we are not on the tryout list for bantam. It seems like we will not be playing winter hockey for any team. You have to play in the city you live in.
My son has always played A 1 Rep hockey and might not be playing this year, is there anything I can do.

hello Brian...  that's the first I ever heard of that!?  Have you contacted the coach directly?  I have never heard a coach refuse someone under exceptional circumstances such as yours!?  While it might be harder to make the team - they should still be able to accommodate you for tryouts?  I believe it's a pre-requisite under Canadian youth Hockey Association (CHA) guidelines!!??  Unless they are not part of that - i don't think they can refuse you!

Now if they don't have enough teams for whatever reason - then that could be another issue.  If that is the case, then you should be able to play on a team from another city.   

I find it very hard to understand why or how they can deny any child the opportunity to play!

If I were you I would try to dig a bit more -- even contact the CHA if you need to.

Here is the link for their contact info:

Hope this helps!

Good luck!



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