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I am an overweight (working on it) 55 year old rec hockey player. I am not too bad either, but I have one issue to overcome. I think it is related to my weight and my lower back, and the fact that I sit for 10 hours a day as a bus driver. I am hoping you can show me some stretches or exercises to help. When I come to a stop after retrieving the puck, I have the bad habit of stopping and looking to make good pass. Honestly, I also use the opportunity to rest! Then, it is hard to get going again. I know I should stay in motion. What can I do, as for stretches or exercises, to help me go from a stopped position, usually wide leg, back to motion again?

Hello Barry...  Wow - talk about coincidence!!  I am about to turn 55 and have similar challenges with fitness, stamina and skating power ... that I used to have!!!  LOL!

Yes - sitting for 10 hours is not a good thing...  can you take moments to walk?  Do stretches during day!?  I have a desk job myself and I have problems with 'staying' seated...  when I am conscious - I do try to get up and take mini walks (fast) - and stretch anything to keep blood flowing... (reach for sky, reach for toes, turn at waist, stretch out groin, stretch out back - basic core muscle areas).

That's the day challenge... then it's about fitness - PERIOD!  Somehow we need to find a REGULAR 3-4 days a week of about 30 minutes of good cardio work. Bike. Walk. Treadmill. Skip rope. Mini trampoline.  Whatever we can find some JOY in (i.e. not get stressed.) --  Anything to get heart and lungs pumping and building up a sweat.   After all it suppose to be 'we get in shape to play hockey, not play hockey to get in shape!!'  - Right?  if we can do that regularly I am pretty sure we will notice a difference!

It does not have to be rocket science -- or any 'special' exercises, or equipment... i believe it's about making a conscious commitment to "GET FIT, STAY FIT, BE FIT" ---  at our age - FIT can be just having a regular 30 minute exercise routine, eating right and staying leaner.  If we can adapt to that lifestyle ---  the rink will be our oyster!!    

What do you think?  Is this something we can commit to?  :D

Thanks for the great question Barry.  It was like putting up a mirror.   If I can't take my own advice - who else will eh?

Good luck brother...  

Have an Ice day!  




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