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Hockey/Offside goal?


Team A has a player (A1) in the offensive zone. The puck is shot into the offensive zone from outside the blue line  by a team mate (A2) which puts (A1) in a delayed offside situation. Before (A1) can clear out of the offensive zone , the puck goes into the net without touching anyone  Does the goal count?


Thanks for writing.  No the goal does NOT count!  Why?  The player that is off side is considered to be in a delayed off-side situation.  Once his team mate shoots the puck on net, it's considered an intentional off-side and the whistle is blown and the face off goes to the far end zone in the attacking teams defending zone and NO goal is awarded.  

Any time a player that in the neutral zone shoot the puck to a team mate or on net, while his team mate is still within the attacking zone is considered an intentional off side and whistle is immediately blown.  

I hope this helps
Rob Lopez - Commissioner
University Ice Hockey League - Mexico


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