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I am a some time coach, rec player, with an interest in all sports and physical training. For hockey players and 'speed' atheletes in particular, especially those that need to drop the pounds, what is the current diet advice?
For the general public, low carb still seems to be in. I have tried it without much success. Low energy, indigestion, etc. I have gone back to the old low fat diet, and I am starting to see results. All the high level hockey, soccer players, runners, etc I ever knew shunned fat, except for a bit of 'good' fat, and loaded up on carbs and fruits and vegetables. I find that as long as you count grams of fat, you can eat a ton of carbs and have a ton of energy. Thanks for your thoughts!

Hi Bud
I recommend using and log your food and watch your caloric intake. By increasing your cardio, you "gain" calories back in a sense in that you can eat a little bit more. The goal is to not eat back all your gained calories of course. Good luck.


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