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Was there ever a pilot movie for HH?


There wasn't a pilot movie for Hogan's Heroes but there was a pilot episode which aired on Sept. 17, 1965. Not sure when it was actually shot but there would have been some time between the shooting of the first episode and the rest of the series.

There were some noticeable differences between the pilot and the series. It was the only episode to be shot in black and white; Sgt. Carter played by Larry Hovis wasn't a prisoner, but one of soldiers in transit back to London; General Burkhalter was only a Colonel in this episode; and there was a Russian POW with the Heroes who wasn't there in the series.

Please check out for more info on the show along with my favorite book on it - "Hogan's Heroes - Behind the Scenes at Stalag 13" by Brenda Scott Royce.

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