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HiBob!  My 15 year old son took his time to help me hang Christmas lights today.  They were brand new C9 lights, 25 count, Holiday Time from Walmart.  From reading a lot of these blogs, they are evidently not good quality.  He strung 5 of them together.  He was going to separate them 2 and 3, but wanted to see if they were all working.  Well, they did for about 30 seconds, then they all went off.  It is not the out let, because it still works.  The lights are all up.  It took my inexperienced son 3 hours.  Is there anyway to fix them or are they shot?  Also, I just need advice on extension cords, etc.  This was always something my husband enjoyed doing, but he suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury, and is no longer able to.  As you can imagine, my son is very frustrated!

Thank you for your help,


Thank you for your help!


You can't put more than 2 sets together.  The fuses blew in the plugs.  This is to prevent a fire, so they did their job.  You will need to run extension cords between the sets, and replace the fuses. The fuses are available in the Christmas department.

I hope this helps.


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