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Hi,  I bought a net of Christmas Lights to put on a bush and 1/2 of it does not work. Could this be dangerous to leave as is?  Could it short out and start a fire?  

Thanks !


No, it should not be dangerous.

Miniature lights can be frustrating.  You may want to see if you can replace the sets, because the sets are cheap.  If not, then look for missing and broken bulbs.  Blackened bulbs should be considered suspect. Touch each bulb to see if it lights at all. You may want to try a Christmas light tester.  Sometimes they work, sometimes not.  If not, then take one bulb out at a time and put it in a socket of part that works.  If it works, put it back in the non working set.  Replace it, if it is burned out, even if the rest of the set lights with it. Be careful that the wires are in the proper place (sides of the base).  Hopefully after the set is filled with good bulbs it will light.  If not, the set may be defective.

I hope this helps.


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