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My question is similar to the tree question. I have a lit bell where the clapper is a string of 60 lights divided into 4-15 light segments that chase to simulate the clapper moving. Over the years as lights burned out I have replaced them with 2.5v and things have been fine. Nearing the end of this season I noticed one section not working. Several of the lights looked like they had blown to I tried to replace them only to have them light very dimly. When checked with a working segment the light was dimmer, but funtioning. When all new lights were replaced with 2.5 they are way too bright. I tried 6v and 12 volt with the same result. A single 6v will work in another segment but the 12 volt blows immediately. Will replacing all 60 lights with 2.5's from the same string work with this type of string?

The only correct bulb for that would be 8 volts. They may be a bit harder to find, but they are made. You need to replace them all at one time before you turn it on. If you use any voltage less, they will burn out quickly and be too bright.  You can use a higher voltage bulb, but they will be dimmer. But again, remember not to turn it on unless all of the bulbs in each section have been changed.

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