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Truth in Advertising wrote at 2015-01-06 23:56:58
The MPA is a complete scam. Nobody who pays the fees ever gets rejected. It is run out of boiler room operations in California (USA), and Alberta (Canada). Their articles of incorporation are missing, or not up to date beyond the initial filing in every country I have looked at. Their articles of incorporation do not allow them to act as a representative body in any trade dispute. They will not do anything after you have paid your money and received their cute fake accreditation certificate. If you want to prove your REAL worth as a photog I suggest looking into the Royal Photographic Society (which has a wedding photography designation), or any other body that isn’t run by fraudsters. If you really want to belong to a qualified trade association then you should avoid the top Google hits as they are paid for advertising. It is a Search Engine Optimisation trick that allows anybody under any circumstance to purchase top billing from Google easily. As a seasoned IT professional and amateur photographer I feel it is my duty to light a fire under this false organisation. The MPA, or whatever they chose to rip you off in name as, can not and will not assist you in any material way as a photographer or business person. This is a SCAM!!!

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