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hi..have a few questions for you. first, i am now employed in medical field full time; been there since 1988. now i am thinking to quit because of management. of course, i would still need an income. with no experience in work at home, what kinds of things need to be done, besides the obvious learing from the ground up. and if your work at home is a success, about how much would you make in 2 weeks time, on average? thank you! also, how do you go about paying for health insurance and how to takes taxes out of pay which right now our payroll dept does? thanks again!

Hi James,

It is nice to meet you. When you have a homebased
business you are your own boss so it is a different
way of thinking than the thinking of an employee.
There are no limits as to your income. What I would
encourage you to do is to go through the information
at my site to see if this is something that you
feel would be right for you. Most all your questions
should be answered and there are simple steps to getting
started if you feel that this is right for you. I have
a simple system that can help anyone to achieve whatever
their goals our. Here is the website: http://www.thisworks.biz
Let me know if you have anymore questions. I would love
to help you succeed. Have a great day!

Peace, Health and Prosperity,
Barb Doyle, Sc.

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