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Hello Leslie.
This is a general question, to help me get started....
I am employed full time (day work) now need to get a bit more income in the eve.

I am computer literate, have a pc at home. Hobbies searching the internet, photography (for myself).

Keen to find if poss a home job that I can do at home, no selling... but using my skills, rally stuck, as I do not want to get ripped off.

Feel there must be something out there.... not sure where to start.

I am of an older generation... as well....

Many thanks

Hi Roger,
If you're looking for employment, you need to go about it the same way you would a traditional job: what are your skills, experience and interests and what jobs need them. If you're looking for extra money on the side, you still should consider your skills, interests and experience first. For example, maybe you can sell your photos through one of the several photo places that allow you sell them. Or you can set up a part-time evening photography business.

Another option for side income is one of the tasking resources in which you can get paid project fees for doing tasks like research. Places like Amazon's Mechanical Turk and Task Rabbit are two places to check.

You never want to spend money to get "hired" to a job, but if you wanted to start a business or a website, that might cost you some money. For example, you could start a photography blog.

Ultimately, you can't just sign up to make money. It always starts with what you have to offer and then finding someone to hire you or freelancing or selling your skills in a business.

I hope that helps.

Leslie Truex
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