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I received my Bachelor of Arts in Spanish in May 2012 and live in the south-westernmost part of Virginia.  I worked as a Web-Search Evaluator for Appen Butler Hill for the Spanish-Speaking US market from May 2013 to August filling a temporary position.  I have been doing something similar for Leapforce since November, but there is nowhere near enough work evaluable with them (about four hours worth every four days).  Self-Employment tax requirements have been confusing.

I am set up on LinkedIn and Odesk where I bill myself as a Spanish linguist (someone who can do translation, interpretation, etc.).  Could you please recommend companies that are likely to have full-time work-from-home jobs for someone with my credentials, especially ones with whom I would not have to pay self-employment taxes.  Thank you.

Hi Robert,
I can give you several companies that need translators and interpreters; however, many, if not most will be on a freelance basis. That doesn't mean that work isn't steady or regular, but you'll still need to be the one managing tax issues. (It's not that hard...basically instead of your employer paying on your behalf monthly, you pay quarterly. The benefit is that you can deduct your work expenses such as home office, Internet etc, from your gross income, which means paying tax on income after expenses. Then you do your taxes as usual in April).

These places need people with foreign language experience for different types of work. For example, some want bilingual customer service, others want you to translate, some are online eduction etc.

Here are some places to check out:

I hope this helps.

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