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Hi Lee,

I am starting a small business operating from home mixing and selling sprays for horses.  There are three sprays, one of each to treat rain scald, itching and flys.  I need to come up with a business name.  I will be selling the sprays online and also face to face in my local community.  I have names for each of the sprays, Scaldaway, Flyaway and Itchaway.  As I have been selling the products for a few years under those names I would like to keep them as is.  Are you able to help?

What you have is three very good product names . However your market is presumably horse owners and you want to attract this  market. Many people now look for new product information using search engines or social media so you must have a we site and Facebook page as a minimum, this constrains your company name.  Here is how to get some ideas.

1) think of how you would search for your kind of products, the search terms you would use and list about 4-5 popular words, equine and horse being two of them.

2) hop over to and do a search on the last 30 days using one or more of these words. This will give you an idea of what domains are available for you. A look on Godaddy will  show you if domain still available.

3)lastly look on Facebook and Twitter to see what page names are available.

4) once you have some ideas then check that the company name is available.

This route will give you some great ideas. Just make sure the name is descriptive, not too long or restrictive and cannot be misconstrued as something rude or too close to a competitor's name.

Good luck with your business.

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