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Hi there,

I have some articles with me, and I want to sell them. The quality is OK, and the information in the article is well researched. The price is $2.50 per 450 word article. I want to know that how can I promote them. People can buy articles and pay securely through Paypal. I want to know that how can I promote them?

Here is the link to my articles:-

Hi Den,
You've given me a big question. There are entire books written on marketing. However, here are some basic tips to get you started:

1) What is unique about what you offer compared to others. Is the content PLR (can people who buy it rewrite it). Is it exclusive (which means you can only sell it once)? It's clearly inexpensive, which is a benefit.

2) Who is the best buyer for your articles? I see one is on fitness, so who needs fitness articles? Fitness bloggers? Personal trainers using a website to market their business? etc.

3) Where can you find these people? Where do the fitness people who might want your article hang out? LinkedIn? Pinterest? A fitness forum?

4) How can you approach them with your offer? This includes writing a compelling pitch that is benefits oriented. But also, you need to know that many people's first exposure shouldn't be a pitch, unless you're doing advertising. Today, marketing starts with creating interest, showing off your credibility, building rapport and trust, and then making a sale. Social media is ideal for that.

The most important thing about marketing is that it's not something you do one or every-now-and-then. You need to do it everyday.

I hope that gives you start.  

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