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I live in Houston, Texas. My wife and I would like to start a janitorial service that would have its base in our home. We really don't know where to start. Any tips on license, equipment needed, marketing, etc. is appreciated.

Hi Ed,

The best thing to do is to contact your city hall in
regards to what would be required legally to operate
your business out of your home in regards to licensing.

You could also contact a local lawyer who knows about
home based businesses to see what you need to do. You
might also want to check with an insurance company as to
what type of insurance you would need in regards to

When it comes to marketing you would need
to spread the word locally. There are many different
things you can do in regards to advertising in
newspapers. You can get a vinyl decal made and put it
on the sides of your vehicle or on the back window.
Then everywhere you drive you are advertising.

There are many deductions that can be taken by someone who
has a home based business, you will want to consult with
an accountant as to record keeping.

For additional advertising you could simply go around
to businesses in your area and let them know about you
and your rates. You could maybe give them an incentive
of some sort to give you a try. You will want to let
any potential customer know why they should hire
you. Explain all of the advantages of using your
business and why you are better than others in the
area. You never want to put other businesses down
but you want to make sure that a customer knows why
you feel that you are right for the job. There are
also lots of places online that you can advertise.
Even if someone does not feel they can use you always
ask them for referrals. They may know others who are
in the market for what you have to offer.

You can also put up your business card on bulletin
boards in your area. You can also order promo items
with your information on them such as note pads, pens,
etc. and hand these out or leave them wherever you go.
You never know who might pick one up. If there are any
events in your area that are appropriate to set up a
booth at you could also want to take part in this and
hand out your promo items there.

Marketing is kind of like planting seeds. You simply
need to do lots of planting on a consistent basis and
over time they will bloom, meaning you will get customers.
It takes time but if this is your dream, never give up.
I hope this helps you. Much success to you!

Peace, Health and Prosperity,
Barb Doyle, Sc.

Giving people hope.

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