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I saw, on FB where is you open a BitGold account (supposedly like PayPal) and deposit $10 into the account, you will have a way to get into the "Meat of the Month" Club, the "Gift Card a Month" Club and the "Movie A Month" Club.  One of the founders states he is give $31.25 from BitGold and uses the money to enroll you into the 3 clubs.  He says promoting the clubs and participating in them will garner rewards (he's yet to tell me if participation includes buying, selling, or monthly fees).  

Something seems off to me but the gal that told me about it seems to think it is great.  Any thoughts?  Let me know if you want his FB information if you want to get in touch with him.  Oh yes, when I told him it reminded me of a pyramid scheme, he said it was no scheme and pyramids are what corporate America is made of.

PayPal is a global payments brand. The reason why you are encouraged to use something like BitGold over PayPal is because PayPal has buyer protections if you feel you are getting scammed by what you sent your money over for. I am not claiming that this is a scam, however, the method of payment requested is a huge red flag.

These club based businesses often have recurring billing techniques that make it especially difficult to cancel once you are enrolled. His response to your concern that it's a pyramid scheme is also a huge red flag.

Does the company have any reviews online? Search their phone number, search the business name in quotation marks on google like "Business name" and add the word "scam" or "ripoff" at the end. If you find NO reviews, don't engage. If you find bad reviews, don't engage. If you find good reviews, be cautious and try to see if they look real or not.

Do the suggested research only if you are interested in exploring after hearing me tell you it's a bad idea. Good luck!

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