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kaddad wrote at 2008-07-22 05:04:46
I have a set of Miracle Maid cookware--in the late 70's the entire set sold for over $500. I just recently found the original sales receipt. Cooking and clean-up have never been easier.

dave3611 wrote at 2008-09-04 19:05:42
it was miracle maid. I sold MM in the mid 70s. they later switched from all black to black on the outside & stainless on the inside because the black pans pitted on the bottom & since they were lifetime guaranteed, Westbend put out a lot of repl pots/pans. In 76, the meat division of the cookware was $300+, as was the vegetable division.  The electromaid elec skillet was $180. I still use the stuff...

Nancy wrote at 2009-01-18 22:11:03
Yes. You are definately talking about Miracle Maid. I was a distributer during those days and conducted the dinner parties. I loved the product. Still use it today. Yes, you can use the flat lid and stack one pan on top of the other. The heat transfers and both will cook.

b. lipscomb wrote at 2009-03-30 01:33:00
Dear Jimmy and susan, I thank you for your question and answer. I was on internet looking up Mirical Maid cookware because I have a set and I am missing a handle. I purchased a set in 1977 and except for handle it is still going strong. I did not know it was made by West Bend Cookware. thanks for this info. I can look there for replacement handle. PS I guess it was pricey in 1977, but since I am still using it in 2009+ I think I was a great deal.

Jeannie wrote at 2009-08-12 00:40:42
I too have some of the Miracle Maid cookware, and we sold it back in the late 60's and did not get the complete set, but would love to find some in good condition and reasonably priced. We just completely wore some pieces out from years of use. JS

john wrote at 2010-01-03 14:41:15
hi i sold miracle maid in the late 60's for 6 years. we did the party thing and at the beginning it was $243.50 for the full set and after 6 years it has gone to 429.50 for the set.(which had changed to a stainless inside and black outside.  i still cook in the orig set i bought back then and love it

dma wrote at 2010-01-04 21:14:06
I have the Miracle Maid cookware with a lifetime warranty but the company is no longer in business.  Therefore, when purchasing anything with a lifetime warranty isn't really lifetime if the company is gone.  This was a lesson well taken.

drdanbcm wrote at 2010-07-29 16:44:30
We still use our Miracle Maid as well but need a handle.  Where do you all go for the parts now?

Thanks, Dan

30yrsl8tr wrote at 2010-09-01 17:12:37
my parents sold miracle maid in the 70s at the in home dinner parties.  i think FULL sets might have sold for close to $1k which i think would be CRAZY to spend on a set of cookware... BUT i still have the late version of the cookware -stainless both inside and out, and 30 years later they look 1000 times better (almost new in comparison) to sets i've bought for $250-400 that i use for a few years and then have to dump and get new ones cuz they just get so bad.  so that's how i ended up on this page... i was doing a search on miracle maid seeing if i could find some more of it online cuz i know from experience that it lasts, works great and still looks new after 30+ years.  well worth the money paid 30 years back i think.

mireymx wrote at 2011-03-31 15:50:59
i have Miracle Maid for 22 years and some of the handles are broke but the company is out of business?????? i think the have to many complains about the handles and they change the name.

where i can get a new handles as part of the warranty

the cookware are still look better that 20 years ago but are useless with out handles

San Grnd Ma wrote at 2011-05-13 17:02:52
I have the entire set of Miracle Maid cookware from  the 50's.  My father was a demonstrater, So the set I have  was his, my mom  always used an sos pad to clean the interior, but never immersed  them in water.   They still look new.  Some  of the handles  from the one's most used, became  worn  and  she  ordered  new ones  while  they were still available. I have those also.  This was/is really excellant cookware, and I use it  for special meals as I love the way it cooks.  Some of the pieces are barely used others well used but still in excellent shape.  Goes to show what taking good care of good stuff does.  She used these pans daily, and lectured me as to how to care for them.  Good thing, as I have seen some real nightmare pieces online for sale.

Kgraley wrote at 2012-04-01 03:52:37
Guys it is still warrantied today. If you contact Kitchen kraft the are the old Miricle maid company and they cover the warranty

Kgraley wrote at 2012-04-01 04:04:42
Go to this link they have what you need

I get all my parts from them

LOUISE wrote at 2012-11-26 22:38:26
My husband and I purchased the full set of Miracle Maid cookware in '66 and still use it today. I've been trying to find some replacement knobs for the lids, will try Kitchen Craft. The set was very expensive for the time, but was well worth the cost. Every one loves my vegetables prepared in these pans. I also purchased one for my daughter in '90 and was looking for a set for my son who was recently married. I'm really sorry to hear they're out of business.

Darla wrote at 2014-03-06 00:36:38
I bought the full set of Miracle Maid cookware in 1980, I was only 19 and was completely taken in by the whole show.  I paid WAY too much for it, I think around $800 with the financing, but I made my little monthly payments for a few years.  I felt like a fool afterward for spending that much, but I'm 52 now and have never had to buy another pot or pan since then.  They are in great shape.  I have been thinking about selling my Lectro Maid only because I never use it, but wasn't sure if the coating and all that would still be cook-safe after all these years.  I've seen several on eBay for sale so if it is still good I would sure love for someone to have it who will use and enjoy it.  I used it only a few times in the early years and probably not for 20 years since, I just don't cook breakfast food that much.  I'm sure I'll have the other pans until I die and then someone else will use them for another lifetime!

kaykay wrote at 2014-12-28 23:29:17
I would love to purchase the Miracle Maid skillet.  My mom is 83 and has used her regularly since the 1970's.   Is this one still for sale/

Dwayne wrote at 2015-01-24 20:09:13
To kaykay: Have a Miracle Maid Lektro Maid skillet for sale. Excellent condition. Don't know how to make contact.  

Nicole wrote at 2015-02-03 20:04:32
My parents sold MM in the 69's and I now have their compete set! I love this cook ware. I even have the electromaid. Some Handel's are gone bit I still us this daily!!In fact I just used the large rectangular roaster pan last night for 12lb pork butt!!! Perfect cooking as always!

Brendan wrote at 2015-02-16 19:21:29
Bought a full set of miracle maid pots,(aluminum) pans,roaster,skillet,etc.,paid $450 or $475, but it was well worth it, in 74 when stationed at Great Lakes, Ill, still use them every day. Can't buy a set like them anymore in the U.S. The demonstrator came to the house and cooked waterless, the one I remember was carrots.  

kathrynrobins wrote at 2015-02-21 20:25:17
We bought the whole set of these pans in 1972. They are still all in use today although a couple of handles have come off. Also we have roasting dishes,all the baking set and the free gifts which are kitchen knives and steak knives. They cost us about £300-£400 but have been well worth it. All in good order considering they have been in use constantly for 43 years!!

Carolyn wrote at 2015-03-08 16:21:33
I have the set of Miracle maid from the 70's. I would love to find the 2 quart saucepan. I need another one.

landlover wrote at 2015-04-12 00:56:55
I purchased an entire set of Miracle Maid cook ware in the 70's At the time, they came to your home and cooked a meal for you and few friends. You got a discount if someone else booked a dinner party. They have moved to three states and been used everyday since. Still in perfect condition.  With lifetime guarantee, which I still have papers for, they will be passed on to daughters.

marie wrote at 2015-04-16 12:17:54
I have a complete set that has Never been used and would like to sell.

Donna wrote at 2015-06-03 00:13:45
Marie - Not sure if this will get to you, but if you are still selling your Miracle Maid set, I'd be interested.  

Pam Miller wrote at 2015-09-04 04:05:09
Anyone out there that wants to sale their miracle maid cookware  for the 70's black on the outside and stainless inside


Pam Miller wrote at 2015-09-04 10:33:55
Anyone out there that wants to sale their miracle maid cookware  for the 70's black on the outside and stainless inside


Cheryl wrote at 2015-11-16 19:36:14
I have a 12 piece set (pans and lids) given to me by my husbands grandmother. Everything is in really good condition with the exception of one lid handle and the roaster (husbands uncle used it and didn't know what he was doing and scraped the finish off the inside). I would like to sell the entire set together. If anyone is interested, please let me know. Will sell to best offer. Pictures can be provided.

Pam Miller wrote at 2015-11-20 15:29:27
Cheryl are the pans that you have black on the inside on stainless steel?

Cheryl wrote at 2015-12-21 17:30:42
Hi Pam:

They are black inside. And, as I mentioned, they are in really good condition.

kathgirl wrote at 2015-12-30 04:57:29
Well, I might as well get on board too! In 1970 My ex-husband and I became sellers of Miracle Maid as newlyweds. We gave the dinner parties and had a lot of fun doing it, especially the stack cooking. The thing I remember most about cooking those meals (those of you who gave the parties might appreciate this too) was how sweet the carrot really did taste after cooking them forever down to a sticky syrup, putting absolutely nothing in the pan but carrots. We put some on toothpicks and passed it around. Haha I almost don't believe I remembered that! As I recall however, it was known as water-FREE cookware rather than water-LESS. That seemed to be something stressed by our trainer. Hence, the proof was in the carrot demo. My set is no longer complete. Part of it was lost in a fire, but I have the roasting pan and a pot and the extra small frying pan, along with my Lektro Maid electric skillet that I still use today. My set is black inside and out it is called Gem Coat. I also have both of the original cookbooks!

Lisa wrote at 2016-01-24 14:58:08
I have 4 pots, large dutch oven, skillet same size as dutch oven, one around 4 quarts and a small 1 quart.  all are in good shape with the stainless interior.  willing to sell if interested.  The interior is not steel but an aluminum.  My concern with aluminum is if they are safe?  This seems like a good forum to get that answer.  I was going to hand down to my son who just moved out but if the aluminum interior is not safe I don't want to do that.

Keith wrote at 2016-02-08 17:33:17
All of these posts bring back such good memories!!! My father sold Miracle Maid in the 60's and my siblings and I still rave about how good the meals were!!! He passed away about 12 years ago and he never retaine a set of the cookware. I am not much of a cook but still remember how simple it was to cook some of the meals. Since I am trying to eat healthy as well, I am hoping to find a set in good condition---and bring back some good memories in the process.

KarlaM wrote at 2016-02-21 22:39:04
My parents also sold Miracle Maid in the 60's-70's and when my mom passed in 2014 and we were cleaning out the house, we discovered they had two full sets of pots and pans as well as the electric skillet. My dad kept one set and the skillet, but I got the other set.  Some have broken handles, which my mom tried to replace several years ago, but the replacements were not so great, or she didn't put them on right.  I am trying to decide whether we should just try again to replace the handles, or buy new cookware. After reading these posts, I am thinking I'll do the former.  I found where to order the parts on Regal Ware's website, and that will be much cheaper than buying a whole new set. I do wish I had a larger soup pot/  The largest we have is 4 quarts.  I'd like a 6 or 8 quart if anyone has one to sell.  What we have still works great and is super easy to clean, even tough the black coating is gone from the insides of the ones we use most and the largest pot is a little warped in the middle.

KarlaM wrote at 2016-02-22 18:39:25
On second review...the dutch oven is 6 quarts.  I would still like something bigger, but it looks like that doesn't exist.  

Chris M. wrote at 2016-03-16 18:03:00
I sold MM in early 70's in Va. Bch. and for whatever reason I still remember the exact price of the complete set. ( $253.65 ) I am still using my "demonstrator" set today, but in need of some new handles, so I appreciate the info provided about Regal Ware in these posts.

Glenn A. Hood, Sr. wrote at 2016-05-30 20:04:04
My ex-wife and I sold Miracle Maid back in 1972-4 and I made more on one demo than I did in one month on my job. I sold  my mom a set who recently passed. She just had to have the whole set, even though she used the basics. I tried for years to get her to give me the Electra-maid skillet, but to no avail. I came across the Dutch Oven, Roaster, and the Electric Skilet still packed away with the electric cord still as the manufacturer shipped it. those three where never used. By the way, whoever said that their grandmother or mother said she used a brillo pad to clean it surprised me because they are suppose to  take the black finish off. The proper cleaning method is the ggreen scotch-brite pad and joy dish washing soap, nothing else. I thought about selling them, being disabled and 63, not cooking because of a bad back. All I am missing of the set is the two smallest pots and lids and the round one which we baked a cake  on top of the stove with. We did good for well over a year, almost two. I got into a rich group in Palm Beach County doing two parties a week, all with six guest and all paying in full. If a guest couldn't make it, they would still buy and host a dinner to see it used. At around $375 if my memory serves me right and $125 or $150 for cash deals and @ 10 to 12 sells a week, and manager bonuses came to $1,500 to $2,000 a week when I was making less than one deal on my 40 hr week job. I did that just to keep busy and my health insurance. I was debating on whether to sell them or not, or would I do like mom. Now I use that 3 qt. I know once I unravel that cord the price would come down. I wonder what West Bend or the company that took over would give for it, giving its history. My, My, ya'll got this ole country boy from Palm Beach Counnty (yes there is plenty of farming and country in Pahokee, which is in Western Palm Beach County, but I knew how to get the money from East or Western Palm Beach County. Now I'm disabled, about to be homeless, with momma's unused cookware. Quite a story, but its true. Thanks for letting a sick ole country boy ponder on some ole memories. May God bles  you Miracle Maiders.  

Rolando B wrote at 2017-02-15 22:30:38
I have a complete set of Miracle Maid NEVER used that I'm will to sale. Who's interested?  

Deb wrote at 2017-03-26 20:59:11
Rolando, what would you be asking for the whole set?

NancyD wrote at 2017-03-28 03:59:30
I pulled a barely used set of Miracle Maid out of a corner cupboard today and dug up the original paperwork as well.  It cost over $700 in 1984 and I made payments for 21 months (nearly $800 with financing)!  Such a shame that I never got the hang of waterless cooking in my early 20's but I still love the bonus champagne glasses. 10 pieces include the "Vegetable Division" plus the 10" chicken fryer pan with a high-dome lid. Stainless steel inside with the black Gem Coat outside.  Also found 3 of the long handles which never got installed.  The only flaws are small cosmetic exterior scratches, mostly on the lids, from stacking them. I looked on eBay and they sell really beat up individual aluminum pans for $25+.  Geez!

NancyD wrote at 2017-03-28 04:16:49
Anyone know what the "4 plc Genoa" is on the receipt. I suspect either flatware or glasses since I also received the "4 plc E.B. China" and 4 champagne glasses as bonuses.  I moved across the country a couple of years before to take a good job offer and worn out/gotten tired of the old stuff my parents let me take with me.  

Bill wrote at 2017-04-08 21:46:00
Interesting site!  Felt that I had to comment too... My deceased wife sold MM in the '60s and 70s'.  Personal opinion but this is possibly the best cookware ever made.

Melissa wrote at 2017-04-19 21:12:09

Just looking through all of the posts. I live in South Wales,UK and my mother-in-law bought the set in the 70`s, I believe. We are now clearing her house(deceased ) and have come across a large rectangular pan and lid...unused. I have 2 of the black saucepans which I do use. M in law used to buy whatever she fancied, not always making use of it! I was looking on line to see whether it was worth my trying out some of the recipes, or simply attempting to sell the large pice. Have also got all the booklets. I found it odd to see that a piece of fillet steak , med rare, would take 4/5 mins yest a piece of sirloin is quoted as taking 35/40 minutes!! It seemed a but ridiculous to me, so much so, I`m loathed to try it. Advise me??

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