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My nephew recently had a destination wedding. Since not everyone could attend, we are now having a reception back home. There are 125 people attending. We weren't expecting such a large turnout, we had originally all agreed to contribute something to the meal. Pot Luck, so to speak. I am in charge of bringing green beans and Caesar Salad. How many pounds of green beans and how much Caesar Salad should I bring? There will be a lot of food there, 3 entrees, many salads etc. Any ideas?

Hi Helen,

Usually you should figure 1cup per person for each side. However, since you said there would be a lot of food and other people bringing sides you will not need to have that much. This is what I would do. Purchase the large deep disposable roasting pans at the supermarket. I think if you brought one or two filled with green beans and three filled with salad you should be fine.
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