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Hi Mike:  My friend has a slow cooker. He went to make stew and it turned to mush.  He floured the meat , but didn't sear it.  He also added vegetables, potatoes and liquid.  He also put in pasta, diced tomatoes, He added 32 oz. of beef stock.  he started it around 8:30 pm and got up around 3 am and found that it was mush.   What did he do wrong?  Thank you.

Hi There...the trick is to flour and sear the meat until slightly browned. Add to slow cooker and then add vegetables and enough stock to cover meat and vegetables. Always add the pasta or potatoes near the end or they will turn to mush. Cook on low for 4-6 hrs checking occasionally if more liquid is needed. Hope this helps.


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I can answer questions that deal with everyday home cooking from roasts, BBQing, marinades, slowcooking, poultry, pork, beef, salads and vegetable dishes. The things I am not really able to help out on is desserts, fish and ethnic foods.


I started working in a hospital kitchen in 1985 as a cook and have dealt with many different diet types. I lost my job in 2003 due to privatization and moved to the nursing field but have never lost my love for food. I am an avid collector of recipes and belong to several newsgroups on Yahoo where I collect them from.

Graduated in 1984 from Vancouver Community College with a certificate in Chef's training. Started working in 1985 with St Vincent's hospital as a cook up until 2003.

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