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Hi I'm lala I'm a full time mom and a stay at home wife
My cooking is terrible :( Im embarrassed to ask my own family for help
I have 3 questions on basic preparation of meat cooked over the stove with cooking oil
1. When should I put the meat spices (powders)
Before I place it in the pan, during cooking time, or almost when it's done
I always season meat with salt on both sides and when it's almost done I put the seasons
(I dont know any marinating recepies) I
2. I always burn my food... Because I don't know how to control the stove flame
Should I start with preheating pan? Or gradually increase the flame as the food cooks or how can I know how much flame food needs... I always burn rice, steaks, chicken :( even though I'm standing there the whole time
3. My husband loves medium rare meats... How can I tell if its medium rare? :(
I always overcook meats because I'm scared of getting food poisoning from eating raw food but because of this I end up accidentally burning it :(


    I would be happy to help you learn how to cook. There are a lot of variables involved in what you are asking.. It would be easier for both of us, if you could email me directly (if you want to) or we can use the all experts site.. Let me know...

    To answer #1 It depends on the spices.. If you are using basil or parsley and it accidentally burns, it will turn bitter and in turn make your food taste bitter. Instead of using spices, you could use a marinade.. Marinades are very simple, you can use salad dressing and it works really well.. You can use balsamic vinegar dressings or like a zesty Italian dressing or find one that has citrus (oranges or lemons) the citrus helps to break down the fibers in the meat.. So all you would do is put the meat in a container that has a lid and cover with the salad dressing, put on the lid and place in the fridge for a couple of hours. Then cook it.. Dispose of the salad dressing that you used..

    To answer #2 It would be very helpful if you could get a meat thermometer. That will help you to determine when the meat is cooked.. Here is a great website that will give you the proper temperatures for meats
Controlling a gas flame can be tricky sometimes. The only thing I would use a high flame for, is getting water to boil.. It is just too hot for anything else really.. You would want to use a medium heat for most things.. When cooking meat you can preheat the pan, you can place your hand close to the bottom of the pan, if you feel a good amount of heat the pan is heated, So go ahead and put your meat in the pan.. Depending on the thickness of the meat, wait a little bit then turn it over. again, wait a little bit then test with the thermometer. This will also answer #3

    You mentioned that you burn your rice.. The easiest rice to use is minute rice.. Follow the directions on the box. To get the water to boil you can turn the flame up high, one the water is boiling add the rice, give it a stir and turn the flame down to a little higher than the lowest the flame can go. let it sit for 5 minutes, then turn the flame off, let it sit for another 5 minutes. While the rice is cooking, do not remove the lid, as this will mess with the process of the rice cooking properly..

As I mentioned I would like to help you along in your cooking.. There are a lot of things I can teach you..

I hope I have been helpful thus far..


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I can answer general cooking questions in regards to home cooking. I am the type of cook that can make a meal out of whatever you have in in your cabinets. When you see nothing, I see a meal. I know several things to do with chicken, beef and pork. My recipes and ideas are for the average person in the kitchen. You do not have to be an expert to make any of my meal suggestions I give you. I do not have any experience in cooking things such as duck or how to prepare frog legs. If it is a general home cooking question.. I am pretty sure I can answer it. If I can't I will do some research to find the answer. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to answer your questions and help you plan your next meal.


I have been cooking for many years. I worked in my parent's restaurant as chief, cook and bottle washer. I know how to prepare meals with what you have in the cabinet. You tell me what you have and I can probably make a meal out of it. I also am pretty good at keeping the meal cost low as well as making things that you can freeze for another meal. I make my own sauces, breads, pasta, pizza as well as other things.

I have no formal education as far as cooking classes. However i do have on the job experience and parents who were willing to teach me everything I wanted to learn about cooking.

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