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Hi Diane, this is Russell down here in Sydney, I'm reaching out today because when I open the fridge at the moment it might as we'll be a painting, lots of colour and texture but no idea what to do with it.
I'm looking for a couple of extremely simply things (I can't stress this enough, max 4 ingredients, prep and cooking 30mins, any more and I give up straight away).
- full cream milk
- rice wine vinegar
- canned fruit salad
- green oak leaf lettuce
- red delight potatoes
- butter
- honey
- canned mackerel
- rice cakes
- sushi rice
- Worcestershire sauce
- strawberry jam
- bread
- nori sheets

That is the challenge - enjoy :)
Kind regards

Hi Russell, This is quite the challenge!  I'll give it a try:
1. Lettuce wraps - use the sushi rice and canned mackerel, toss with rice wine vinegar and wrap in lettuce.   would be good with a dipping sauce.  Given what you have , perhaps a little rice wine vinegar and touch of honey.  Would be nice if you had soy sauce.
2.  Mackerel patties - cooke the potatoes in your milk until tender - about 10 min; mash and mix with the mackerel adding a bit of Worcestershire sauce for seasoning; form into patties and fry in butter.  Obviously spicing would be nice - salt, pepper, dill, mustard, lemon all good.
3.  Potato gallette - thinly slice the potatoes and layer in a buttered non-stick skillet with salt and pepper over each layer.  Add garlic if you have it or even a bit of red pepper flakes; saute over low heat for about 10 min or until browned on the bottom - top with 1/2 cup of the milk and add the lid - simmer just till tender.
4. Mackerel sushi?  Brush the edges of the Nori sheets with the rice vinegar; mix a tablespoon of the rice vinegar and a tsp of the honey with the rice and spread on the Nori sheet.  Roll it up and slice/serve.  If you had cucumber, radish, onion, egg - or any other variety of things to layer on the rice it would be good.
5. Rice pudding?  Mix the sushi rice, strawberry jam and milk together and warm in the microwave or bake - drizzle honey over top and serve.  Or serve with your fruit salad.
6.  Do you have green tea?  If so - make a pot of green tea and add to your sushi rice; chop up the Nori Sheets and toss with the rice and tea for an asian soup.  If you have egg - make it egg drop.  You could crunch the rice cakes up and add to the top as a bit of crunch to the soup.
7.  Cream of potato soup - chop the potoatoes and cook in the milk, add butter, salt and pepper - top with green onion if you have some.

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