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QUESTION: I plan to use my new stainless steel pan mainly on weekends for bacon and eggs. I seasoned the pan according to the instructions in a YouTube video,which involves heating oil till it smokes,letting it cool,and pouring off the excess and wiping with a paper towel,but I find that bacon sticks to the pan,as well as the eggs,leaving a brown residue. I even put some coconut oil in the pan before I start the bacon. I slow cook my bacon on low heat,if that matters.What am I doing wrong?  Thanks!

ANSWER: Michael,

Well, I am not a fan of stainless steel to cook eggs or bacon in.. I have also never attempted to season a stainless steel pan. The main use of my stainless pans is for making sauces or a quick saute' of mushrooms or whatever.. I believe that for every job there is the correct tool.. For bacon and Eggs, I would use a cast iron pan. If the cast iron is seasoned well.. It is a non stick surface.It seams that when you season a SS pan the seasoning is very delicate and can be broken easily.. A cast iron pan is much more forgiving as far as cleaning and breaking the season. My suggestion to you is find a cast iron pan. They are expensive but with proper care they will last you for many many years. If you can locate one, a carbon steel pan will work just as well..

I Hope this was helpful to you, if you have any further questions, please let me know..


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QUESTION: Thanks,Mike. I should have told you I HAVE been using an old cast iron pan,but thought a SS pan would be lighter and have better heat distribution.I know what you mean by CI having a better non-stick surface,as mine is quite good that way. Okay,I will reserve the SS pan for other jobs,and start using my old CI pan for bacon and eggs again. Thanks for your very prompt response!


Cast iron is the way to go for any type of meat really as well as pancakes, eggs etc.. AS I mentioned I use my SS for sauces and sauteing stuff.. I have lost count of the cast iron pieces that I own.. Yes they are heavy and that makes them a little difficult to use.. I would like to try out one of the new ceramic coated pans and see how they work.. I would like to find a ceramic coated SS pan as apposed to aluminum.

Just my 2 cents :-)

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