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Benoit wrote at 2013-03-28 20:47:36
I have a leather sofa from this company.  After 3 years, the leather is beginning to crack and loose color.  It seems it is only one year warranty.  I will never buy again Violino product.

Simon wrote at 2013-12-30 18:02:32
Overall our Violino sofa is of reasonable quality however the sofa cushion foam is of a poor quality and over 3 years the sofa has sunk to such an extent that its destined for the bin. The warranty does not cover cushion foam beyond one year and since the cushions are fixed as part of the whole sofa the only way to replace is to pull the whole sofa apart. This sofa cost 1,500 and is used occasionally by two people of average weight and has not been miss used. Not impressed and never again.

mary wrote at 2014-08-14 19:12:20
Don't waste your money.  We had a Violino "top grade leather" sofa and loveseat delivered one week ago today.  The cushions are already sinking and the leather is extremely stretched.  The back covers (on recliners) are all different sizes, one of them so undersized that it won't stretch enough for attachment to the velcro. The back construction/recliner mechanism is so weak and poorly made that the back it is hanging.  I could go on...we are trying to return them to the furniture store but they are saying we will have to pay a 20% restocking fee.  

Vic wrote at 2016-03-18 09:59:30
We bought a Violino couch and after 5 years the leather has started to "peel" of in areas where the leather creases.

I wish I could post photos

It's clearly "bonded leather"

Visually the couch is ready for the bin !

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